Eric Honour
New Music for Saxophone and Electronics
Tour 2009

In 2009, composer/saxophonist Eric Honour is touring Europe and the USA with a challenging program of new music for saxophone and electronics. The works explore the outer edges of saxophone performance technique, from the exquisitely quiet microtones of Lou Bunk's Luna to the screams of Christopher Biggs's Exterminate All the Brutes and from the graceful lyricism of Ed Martin's Apparitions and William Coogan's Fantasy for Saxophone to the virtuosic demands of Luigi Ceccarelli's Neuromante and Zachary Crockett's Fight to Flow Between. As well, the program features a variety of compositional approaches, from the chance-infused canons of Karlheinz Essl's Sequitur VII to the improvisation of Scott McLaughlin's Whitewater and the folk-music inspiration of D. Edward Davis's minimalist sugar baby. Jazz and popular music inspire Massimo Biasioni's Il Cortile di Charlie and Honour's own composition Phantasm.

Tour 2009 Composers

Massimo BIASIONI (Italy)
Christopher BIGGS (USA)
Luigi CECCARELLI (Italy)
William COOGAN (USA)
D. Edward DAVIS (USA)
Karlheinz ESSL (Austria)

Confirmed tour dates

8PM 9 March University of Macedonia-Thessalonica Thessalonica Greece
4PM 14 March Essl Museum Vienna Austria
6PM 17 March Auditorium del Suffragio, Istituto Boccherini Lucca Italy
7PM 18 March Conservatorio di Perugia Perugia Italy
7:30PM 20 March St. Paul's Hall, University of Huddersfield Huddersfield England
7PM 26 March Brooklyn College, CUNY Brooklyn, NY USA
7PM 28 March Franklin Pierce University Rindge, NH USA
7:30PM 1 April Northwestern Oklahoma State University Alva, OK USA
6PM 2 April SCI National Conference, College of Santa Fe Santa Fe, NM USA
7:30PM 6 April Grant Hall, University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City, MO USA
7:30PM 9 April University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Oshkosh, WI USA
8PM 16 April Intermedia Arts Center Minneapolis, MN USA
7PM 17 April St. Olaf Catholic Church Minneapolis, MN USA
8PM 19 April Lutkin Hall, Northwestern University Evanston, IL USA
8PM 30 April Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival, Western Washington University Bellingham, WA USA
5:30PM 3 May Hart Recital Hall, University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, MO USA
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