While my work as a composer is centered in the "contemporary classical" field, my musical interests cross several boundaries, and my compositions reflect those varied interests. I enjoy exploring multiple traditions at the same time: for example, I might blend elements of rock or jazz with rigorous post-Modern or post-Minimalist compositional technique, or expand an intuitive, neo-Romantic palette with live electronics or other technology. I consciously attempt to push my own boundaries in each new composition, expanding my sonic world while maintaining my own voice.

Please use the links below to access scores and recordings of my work. All scores linked on this site are perusal scores, in non-printable PDF format. To obtain performance materials, either on paper or as a printable PDF, please contact me!


Works for large ensembles

Works for chamber ensembles (including works for technology ensemble)

Works for solo performers (including works for soloist with electronics)

Works for electronics alone

Works for jazz ensembles


Performing Jessica Rudman's Concertina No. 1 "Cathedrals" for baritone saxophone and fixed media