Early Reflection

for orchestra

Composed: 1999, rev. 2002
Duration: 7'30"

Winner, 1999 SCI Composition Contest, Region V (West)

Program Notes

The title Early Reflection refers to a common term dealing with reverberation and how it is simulated in the recording studio. Early reflections of sound (the first few reflections of a particular sound event) are of very important in simulating a reverberant chamber realistically. In this piece, the concept of early reflection rules the structure and material of the music. Instead of using electronic devices or the echoes of a true chamber, the piece is scored to provide its own reverberation in the form of multiple canons at the unison.

Score and Recording

Click the PDF icon below for a viewable score in PDF format. For a printable score and other performance materials, including the necessary software, please contact me.

Link to PDF of score