work samples

fixed video, live video, and motion capture

From "Time and Memory: Bringing Light to Life"
A collaboration with choreographer Chadi El-khoury.

Four works for dance and video, using a Kinect to capture the motion of up to eight dancers at a time and influence live video. Incorporated two projectors to paint the rear wall, floor, and the dancers themselves with light.

"sugar baby" (trailer)

Choreography by Chadi El-khoury. Video by Eric Honour. Work for two dancers with motion graphics video. Music by D. Edward Davis, performed/recorded by Eric Honour on the Ravello Records album "Phantasm."


Choreography by David Cross. Danced by David Cross. Interactive video by Eric Honour. The interactive video system uses a Microsoft Kinect to capture the movement of the dancer. Data from the Kinect is fed into Jitter to control crossfading between and live processing of four video streams. This system allows the motion of the dancer to be reflected in the video. Projection of the video onto the dancer, as well as the rear wall, brings the video to life, in three dimensions.

"Disintegration Loops"

Choreography by Chadi El-khoury. Interactive video by Eric Honour. Performed by Kacico Dance. Work for eight dancers with motion capture via Kinect. Video link here shows background texture details. Below is a trailer for the full work. NB: the trailer is sped up significantly and uses different music from the actual performance, which lasted about twenty minutes.

Number Stations

Music by Paul Leary. Video by Eric Honour.
Fixed video to accompany performances of Leary's work for saxophone and computer, "Number Stations." Uses motion graphics to delineate the form and structure of the faster sections of the work, with live video techniques (via custom programming in Jitter) to reflect the blurrier, stretchier middle section of the work.