Instant Vacation

for Alto Saxophone or Flute

Composed: 1998, rev. 2001
Duration: 10'

Winner, 2004 American University Saxophone Symposium Composition Contest
Finalist, 1999 ASCAP Morton Gould Awards to Young Composers

Program Notes

Instant Vacation is a collection of concrete images. Each of the movements conveys and develops my initial aural response to its title. The music is not programmatic – there is no story to be told – but the connections between the notes on the pages and the titles range from the obvious (e.g. aleatoric techniques in Random Crow) to the esoteric. Of course, the title of the full work is likewise meaningful: at the very least, the difficulty of the last movement leads the saxophonist to feel as though the end of the work consitutes the beginning of a vacation.

Any of the three movements may be performed alone or in pairs if the performer does not wish to perform all three. An explanation of special notation will be found in the first movement. Fingerings for multiphonics and microtones are found next to the usage.

Score and Recording

The flute version of the work is available as two PDF files. One contains the large first movement (Random Crow), and the other contains the rest of the work.

Link to PDF of scoreI. Random Crow

Link to PDF of scoreRemaining materials


For the saxophone version of the work, click the PDF icons below for the various movements.

Link to PDF of score I. Random Crow

Link to PDF of score II. Far Hound

Link to PDF of score III. Attentive Magpie